All the Inside Information About Empty Leg Flights

Chartering a private jet brings with it a number of benefits that include luxury, privacy, personalization, and easy accessibility. However, the cost of chartering a jet might seem prohibitive to most. What if you can charter a jet for a fraction of its actual cost? This is possible by booking an empty leg flight.

What Are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty legs refer to flights that are scheduled to return to their home base or are repositioning for their next customer flights – without Ivan On Tech any passengers. Empty leg flights come with predetermined destinations, departure dates and times, and types of aircrafts. Schedules of such flights are typically released just a few days in advance.

These flights are also called ferry flights, repositioning legs, and dead-heads.

How Much Does Do They Cost?

The cost of chartering an empty leg flight may vary significantly based on multiple factors. These include the distance, the type of aircraft, the number of passengers, as well as any special requests that customers might have. Just about every empty leg flight is unique, and this has a direct bearing on pricing.

The Discounts

Depending on how flexible you are with your plans, you may get an empty leg flight at a considerable discount when compared to chartering a regular private jet. Discounts on empty legs can vary from 25% to 75% of regular costs. The discounts come mainly because charter companies want to avoid flying empty jets.

How to Look for an Empty Leg Flight?

Finding empty leg flights typically requires in-depth industry knowledge coupled with visibility across the sector. It is common for private jet operators to list schedules of such flights on their websites. However, operators limit these listings to their own fleets. In many cases, listings are made available just a few days in advance.

The Role of a Jet Charter Broker

A good jet charter broker has access to private planes of multiple aircraft operators from different parts of the world. As a result, you stand a much better chance of finding an empty leg flight that suits your requirements. Your broker can also help negotiate better deals.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While chartering an empty leg flight comes with benefits, you need to be aware of the possible drawbacks as well.


Finding an empty leg flight for a specific destination on a specific date is not possible all the time. You typically need to have flexible plans.


There is little you can do other than make alternate travel arrangements when it comes to schedule changes and cancellation of such flights. A change in schedule or a cancellation can take place because of mechanical issues.

You might have to bear the brunt if the original client makes any itinerary changes, or if the flight operator finds a client for a full-priced charter. While you stand to get a refund in case of a cancellation, you still need to make arrangements to get to your destination.

One Way Ticket

An empty leg flight offers a one way ticket. This requires that you make separate plans for your return, unless you can work in a deal for a return empty leg flight with your broker.

No Bells and Whistles

Empty legs tend to come with rather limited catering. However, you may make specific requests in advance. What you may expect in most cases include basic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with light snacks.


If you wish to experience the benefits of chartering a private jet without burning a hole in your pocket, an empty leg flight might be just the thing for you. As long as you are slightly flexible with your dates, finding one could be much easier than you think.

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