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Wherever and Whenever You Want It

Depending on the distance you wish to cover, how quickly you want to do it, and the total number of passengers, we can find an aircraft that suits your needs to perfection. Here are some of the aircraft we can arrange for you at a short notice.

Small Props

Beech Queen Air B80

Seats: 6
Speed: 144 knots
Range: 1,055 nm

BN2 Islander

Seats: 8
Speed: 160 knots
Range: 728 nm

Cessna 206

Seats: 5
Speed: 142 knots
Range: 700 nm

Diamond Twin Star

Seats: 3
Speed: 132 knots
Range: 1,129 nm

King Air B200

Seats: 8
Speed: 226 knots
Range: 1,500 nm

Pilatus PC-12

Seats: 6
Speed: 285 knots
Range: 1,845 nm

Very Light Jets

Cessna Citation Mustang

Seats: 4
Speed: 421 knots
Range: 1,381 nm

Citation CJ2

Seats: 6
Speed: 389 knots
Range: 1,400 nm


Seats: 3
Speed: 250 knots
Range: 1,300 nm

Eclipse 550

Seats: 4
Speed: 375 knots
Range: 1,125 nm

Embraer Phenom 100/100E

Seats: 4
Speed: 406 knots
Range: 1,178 nm

Nextant 400XT/XTi

Seats: 7
Speed: 471 knots
Range: 2,003 nm

Midsize Jets

Bombardier Lear 60/60XR

Seats: 7
Speed: 447 knots
Range: 2,200 nm

Citation III

Seats: 8
Speed: 405 knots
Range: 1,800 nm

Embraer Legacy 500

Seats: 8
Speed: 542 knots
Range: 5,556 nm

Falcon 50/50EX

Seats: 9
Speed: 420 knots
Range: 3,223 nm

Hawker 700/750

Seats: 8
Speed: 402 knots
Range: 1,960 nm

Westwind 1124

Seats: 9
Speed: 415 knots
Range: 1,800 nm

Very Large Jets

A320 Prestige

Seats: 58
Speed: 430 knots
Range: 2,800 nm

Avro Business Jet

Seats: 46
Speed: 400 knots
Range: 1,280 nm

Bombardier Global 5500

Seats: 16
Speed: 516 knots
Range: 5,900 nm

Dassault Falcon 900B

Seats: 14
Speed: 513 knots
Range: 4,511 nm

Dornier Executive 328JET

Seats: 15
Speed: 405 knots
Range: 2,000 nm

Gulfstream G500

Seats: 14
Speed: 506 knots
Range: 7,800 nm

VIP Jets

Airbus ACJ318

Seats: 18
Speed: 485 knots
Range: 4,200 nm

Airbus ACJ320

Seats: 22
Speed: 485 knots
Range: 6,000 nm

Boeing 767

Seats: 96
Speed: 485 knots
Range: 3,255 nm

Boeing BBJ

Seats: 44
Speed: 469 knots
Range: 5,380 nm

Boeing BBJ2

Seats: 19
Speed: 478 knots
Range: 5,380 nm

Lineage 1000

Seats: 19
Speed: 443 knots
Range: 4,600 nm

Regional Airliners


Seats: 50
Speed: 230 knots
Range: 1,600 nm


Seats: 44
Speed: 240 knots
Range: 860 nm

De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter

Seats: 20
Speed: 210 knots
Range: 700 nm

Dornier 228

Seats: 19
Speed: 245 knots
Range: 560 nm

Fokker F50

Seats: 58
Speed: 240 knots
Range: 1,100 nm

Jetstream 31/32

Seats: 19
Speed: 264 knots
Range: 750 nm


Airbus AS355

Seats: 4
Speed: 120 knots
Range: 395 nm

Airbus H155

Seats: 6
Speed: 143 knots
Range: 423 nm

Agusta A109 Grand

Seats: 6
Speed: 135 knots
Range: 464 nm

Agusta AW109

Seats: 4
Speed: 120 knots
Range: 395 nm

BELL 412

Seats: 13
Speed: 140 knots
Range: 529 nm

Ecureuil AS355N

Seats: 5
Speed: 110 knots
Range: 380 nm

This is not a complete list of the aircraft we can help you charter. If you have any particular aircraft in mind, please let us know, and we’ll arrange it for you in quick time.This is not a complete list of the aircraft we can help you charter. If you have any particular aircraft in mind, please let us know, and we’ll arrange it for you in quick time.

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