The Best in Empty Leg Air Charters

Get luxury at a fraction of its actual cost


If you plan to charter an aircraft, going the empty leg way gives you easy means to save a tidy sum of money. Besides, there is no compromise on luxury.


When a private jet charter is booked for a one-way flight, it needs to reposition to its home base or another predetermined location. Since such flights tend to fly without passengers, they’re called empty legs.

Save up to 50%When You Book an Empty Leg Flight

Availability of empty leg flights remains subject to quick changes, and we ensure staying on top of the game at all times. If there’s an empty leg flight travelling on your desired route, we’ll find it for you.


Depending on the number of people in your group and the route you wish to fly, we can arrange for different types of aircraft. These include long-range jets, midsized and small jets, small props, and even helicopters.


While empty leg flights across desired routes and for specific dates are not particularly easy to find, we do our best to find suitable flights according to our clients’ needs. Flexibility with travel dates always helps.


Other than the price factor, there is little that differentiates a conventional private jet charter from an empty leg flight. Once you make your booking with us, you may expect nothing but the best until you reach your destination.


From skipping long queues at airports, to taking as much luggage as you want with you, to getting off the plane and hopping directly into a waiting car, there is much to be said about the convenience that comes with chartering a private jet.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Even though you might wish to charter an empty leg flight to save money, you may still expect to have an unparalleled flying experience. Once you begin the process with us, we take due care to try and meet every flight-related requirement you have.

If you need customized onboard catering, we’ll make sure it’s there. If you want your guests to have a red carpet welcome, consider it done. No matter what you might need, you simply have to ask. Your dedicated account manager will then to the needful.

Empty Legs Private Jet Charter Enquiry

Please use the corresponding form to contact us about booking an empty leg flight, and feel free to add any specific requirement you might have. Our representative will then contact you at the earliest.