Aiming for the Skies

The Best in Air Taxi Services

Using air taxi services now made simple, convenient, and more affordable.

On-Demand Flights

VIP Elite Jets gives you the ability to book air taxi services at short notices, whenever you want, from wherever you want. You may use these air taxis to fly short distances for personal and business purposes.

Exclusivity All the Way

Private aviation brings with it an air of exclusivity, which you get to enjoy when you use air taxi services. Benefits include avoiding security lines, long walks at terminals, and baggage-related hassles.

Fly in StyleGet Remarkable Value

Using an air taxi service to travel – either for personal or business reasons – gives you easy means to eliminate the hassles of travelling. You can opt for an affordable propeller plane over a jet to keep costs low, and still experience the luxury that private aviation has to offer.

The Time Factor

Air taxi services give you a quick and efficient way to travel between any two places that have small airports, given that you get to fly based on your schedule. While you get to avoid traffic on the ground, you also benefit by reaching the airport just 10 to 20 minutes before departure.

The Experience

We understand that people who use private aviation services look for high standards across all parameters. From the time you initiate your booking process till the time you reach your destination, you can be sure of getting red carpet treatment.

The Reason

No matter whether you wish to fly your executives to important business meetings or take your family and pets on a vacation, trust us to provide the right solution. We believe that no reason is too small when it comes to using air taxi services.

The Alternatives

Where you wish to fly to and from as well as the number of passengers has a bearing on the air taxi that suits you best. Your main options include propeller planes that can land in small airfields, light private jets for quicker travel, and helicopters for accessing places with no airports.

The Cost Factor

Air taxi prices are comparable with business-class fares on many routes. Besides, air taxis provide the benefits of private aviation and cost considerably lesser than traditional private jet charters.

You can cut on costs by adding travel companions and scheduling same-day round-trips. You get the option of sharing extra seats with other passengers, in which case you earn credit for future travel.

Costs tend to vary based on the type of air taxi you select, the number of travelers, as well as the desired route.

Air Taxi Services Enquiry

Find out just how affordable air taxi services can be by speaking with one of our representatives now, or by completing the corresponding form. Feel free to discuss any specific requirement you might have, and we can then provide a customized solution.

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