Aiming for the Skies

The Best in Group Jet Charters

If you have a rhyme & reason, we’ll provide the private jet

You Need, We Provide

At VIP Elite Jets, we follow a simple philosophy. If a client needs an aircraft, we do the best to make it happen. The reasons, of course, can be wide-ranging.

Global Coverage

Customers from different parts of the world use our services. If you have an airport in mind – big or small – you can trust our aircraft to get there.

However Big Your GroupWe’ll Fly You in Style

We understand that needs to charter a private jet can be rather varied, and that requirements can be very specific. Irrespective of the size of your group, we will find an aircraft that it may use to travel in style.

Road Shows and Tours

You may use our multi-stop group jet charters for live shows and political campaigns, as well as to transport sports teams, sponsors, and film crews. You may also use our charters for one-off events. All your flights are organized based on your schedule.


If you wish to charter a private jet for a promotional event or a product launch, you can get us to brand the interior of the aircraft as well as your private terminal based on your needs. Private jets can also ferry your clients and employees to conferences, exhibitions, and holidays.

Private Celebrations

Private group jet charters work perfectly well when celebrating involves travelling. Whether it’s a wedding, an important birthday, a bachelor party, or a family reunion, a private jet gives your entire group the ability to enjoy togetherness in luxury.

Long-Term Charters

We provide long-term group jet charters to several clients. In any such scenario, you get access to a dedicated aircraft that abides by your schedule. We also offer private jet charters for entire seasons depending on required capacities.

What You May Expect

When you book a group jet charter through us, you may expect a highly trained representative to meet on the ground and ensure that your group has a smooth experience. All you need to do is create your own schedule, and then leave the rest up to us.

The private jets we use come with different capacities, ranging from small to long-range. We use small and mid-sized jets to access smaller airports, and this gives us means to get you as close to your final destination is possible.

We work tirelessly in fulfilling our clients’ on-board service needs. If you need enhanced catering, red carpets, decorated foyers, or a meet & greet service, you simply have to ask.

Group Jet Charter Enquiry

Please use the corresponding form to get a private jet charter cost estimate. If you have any specific requirements, please include a mention of the same, as this would help us in providing a more accurate quote.

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